If you have any questions, need more information, or would like to schedule an event please contact us today! We have a team defined by years of experience across the industry. They are dynamic, passionate, and they will make it an experience.


Certified Executive Chef Director, Simply Superior

Nathan keeps the Simply Superior kitchen on track and ensures everything behind the scenes is running smoothly, so your event is executed flawlessly.   He enjoys the diversity of his position, working with the campus community, and creating relationships with businesses and residents in the Marquette area. He teaches a multi-cultural foods class as part of the Hospitality/Tourism Program at NMU. Outside of NMU you may find him with his family at the BMX track, hockey rink, or a local campground.  

Favorite Kitchen Utensil: 

Fish Spatula

Most Valued Cooking Tool:

A Tupperware salt shaker his grandfather used

Favorite Cuisine:

Undecided, always exploring what the world has to offer.

Favorite Childhood Tastes: 

Smoked oysters and charcoal grilled chicken

At NMU and Simply Superior 11 years


Sales Manager   You will work with Elizabeth from the beginning to the end of your event. She will walk you through the steps to make sure every detail is planned and ready.   Elizabeth enjoys celebrating and planning with the community. She is passionate about people and helping them succeed. She enjoys spending her free time with her family outside, hiking, sailing, kayaking, laying on the beach and camping.

Favorite Event to Plan:  

Wedding Receptions

Favorite Event Decor: 

Ceiling Draping & Market Lights

Favorite Season: Winter

Food Obsession: Cupcakes

At NMU and Simply Superior 5 years


Operations Manager

Gavin takes care of your food, from ordering to executing recipes.   Working in catering and the kitchen means constantly changing menus, and Gavin loves it! Outside of work you can find him spending time with his family, often cooking comfort foods with them.  

Least favorite food: Cottage Cheese

Originally from the Twin Cities

At NMU for 5 years, Simply Superior 3 years


Operations Manager

You will likely see Sally at your event. She is often setting up buffet lines, decorating, or organizing your bar.   Everyday Sally comes to work for our guests. She thoroughly enjoys the interactions her job creates with students and the community. Sally enjoys biking and spending time in the sun outside of work.  

NMU Alumni

Favorite Place for Decor Inspiration:  Pinterest

Favorite Decorations: 

Anything to do with the holidays, especially Christmas

Favorite Spice: Cinnamon

At NMU and Simply Superior 21 years


Reservations Coordinator

You will likely talk to Mary after your event is over, as she processes the final invoices.   She enjoys working with people, students, and the community. Mary is most content hiking with her trail buddy, her 13 1/2-year-old labrador, Lola.  

NMU Alumni

Favorite dish at Simply Superior: 

Mediterranean Stack

Favorite Restaurant: Tracey’s in Munising

Favorite Number:  10

At NMU and Simply Superior for 8 years


Conference & Catering Coordinator

You will work through the details of your event with Julie, from the initial phone call to planning your menu and set up of your room.   Julie loves working on events and watching them come together. When she is not working she enjoys spending her time with her two grandkids.  

Favorite Office Supply: Automatic Stapler

Favorite Restaurant: Casa Calabria

Favorite Treat: Nutella

At NMU for 12 years, Simply Superior for 7 years